Air Command Elite Gyrocopters

If you're like us , you've always dreamed of owning and flying your own aircraft. Our Commander Gyroplanes will fulfill that dream like no other aircraft on the market today!

The Commander brings you the adventure and thrill of open-cockpit flying, plus numerous features that have set Air Command Gyroplanes apart from all the rest. From the smallest component to the sleek quality finish, the Commander has set the standard in engineering, materials, workmanship and safety. We think the most important of these is safety. Unlike popular ultralights on the market today, The Commander does not need a parachute. It will not stall or spin. The Commander is stable, maneuverable and comfortable even in winds up to 40 mph. It has the capability of flying backwards, sideways, in full vertical descent, and can even hover in the right conditions. (15 mph headwind)

Everything you need to put your Commander together is included and you don't have to be a mechanic to do it! All it takes is about 8 to 10 hours and basic hand tools. Or, choose a dealer-assembled, test-flown Commander. Either way, you're headed for great flying adventure in a Commander Gyroplane.

Air Command International currently produces nine, (9) different models of gyroplanes that will fit your needs for recreation, observation, and just overall FUN flying. Our kits are complete bolt together components that are simple to assemble and require no special tools. They can be put together in 50 to 135 hours depending on the model. The design has a proven history behind it dating back to 1981. The triangulated design is well known for its strength and ability to hold up over long periods. The 6061-T6 frame and AN hardware are made from top quality material that ensure safe and worry free flying.

The power plants currently offered are Rotax and Mazda. These engines provide the power necessary for that model application, and are cockpit startable. They are available with variable reduction drive ratios and 60" or 68" propellers.

In the hands of a trained pilot, the aircraft is stable in winds up to 40 miles per hour while other aircraft are grounded. The gyro will fly forward, backwards, sideways, vertical decent, and will not stall! Once assembled, the preflight set-up time is 10-15 minutes. The gyro can be trailered to a remote site and doesn't require any more space than an automobile.

We are dedicated to the customers needs and continue to research, develop, look for ways to improve safety, and evolve the Air Command design.

There are several training centers located around the country and many Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) travel to give instruction. We strongly advocate training and will be happy to set up a training schedule and/or refer a gyro CFI near your area.

GYRO FACTS Off Roll '- 300' Roll ' or less Speed Rate FPM to 1600 FPM Load Lbs. to 755 Lbs. Capacity gal Standard, additional 7
can be added Material -T6 (Certified) Mazda (2 & 4 cylinder) 's spar


Simply send us an email or give us a call at (520) 568-GYRO (4976)





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